Women Are Persons!

October 18th is Persons Day in Canada, a significant day to commemorate. In 1927, Emily Murphy, Alberta‚Äôs first female judge, along with Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Muir Edwards challenged a part of the Canadian Constitution that had historically prevented women from being appointed to the Senate. These women became known as … Continue reading Women Are Persons!

United Farm Women in Politics

In 1914, the United Farm Women of Alberta (U.F.W.A.) formed and quickly began pushing for improvements regarding public education, healthcare, community well-being and equal rights. The U.F.W.A. would typically bring their concerns to the U.F.A. Annual Conventions, who would then lobby the provincial government on their behalf. This saw legislation passed in 1916 for some … Continue reading United Farm Women in Politics