United Farm Women in Politics

In 1914, the United Farm Women of Alberta (U.F.W.A.) formed and quickly began pushing for improvements regarding public education, healthcare, community well-being and equal rights. The U.F.W.A. would typically bring their concerns to the U.F.A. Annual Conventions, who would then lobby the provincial government on their behalf. This saw legislation passed in 1916 for some … Continue reading United Farm Women in Politics

The U.F.A. in Federal Politics

Only months after a federal by-election and provincial election, a federal general election was called for December 6, 1921 and the U.F.A. party ran 10 candidates winning in all ridings. The Members of Parliament representing Alberta farmers in Ottawa were George Gibson Coote (Macleod), Donald Macbeth Kennedy (Edmonton West), Edward J. Garland (Bow River), Lincoln … Continue reading The U.F.A. in Federal Politics

100th Anniversary of the U.F.A. Party

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of when the United Farmers of Alberta (U.F.A.) Party formed the provincial government in 1921. That same year, they also won seats in the Federal general election. Today, the UFA is known for its iconic orange farm supply stores and petroleum agencies, but has an early history as an … Continue reading 100th Anniversary of the U.F.A. Party