Happy Holidays!

Presenting our holiday card for 2022! Featuring this cover of the U.F.A. Co-op Farm Supply shopping centres Xmas Specials catalogue for 1959. If you're curious to know gift items (and prices!) that were popular in 1959, see the fully digitized catalogue here: https://archives.ufa.com/media/PDFs/UF_2002_0065_008.pdf We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and we wish … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Holding History: Revealing the Archivist’s Role

This poster was created for International Archives Week to help spread awareness of the importance of archives and archivists around the world. Learn more about International Archives Week here. The job of an archivist is a diverse one, with many changes occurring as the world increasingly relies on digital access. Archivists can have different job … Continue reading Holding History: Revealing the Archivist’s Role

Lazy Daisy Cakes and Rural Cooking

Recipe for a “Lazy Daisy Cake” from 1946, from the fifth edition of the UFWA cook book.UF 2005.0045.03 Home cooking is an important part of rural life, and the UFA has always understood the importance of easy, economic recipes. The United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA) compiled favourite recipes of UFWA members from across the … Continue reading Lazy Daisy Cakes and Rural Cooking

Sign Your Name to Victory! – The U.F.A. During World War Two

Alberta may have seemed far away from the front lines in Europe during World War Two (1939-1945), but rural communities were affected by the war in a variety of ways. The United Farmers of Alberta (U.F.A.) worked hard to support Canada in the war while still supporting agriculture and rural communities around the province. The … Continue reading Sign Your Name to Victory! – The U.F.A. During World War Two

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you all! We hope you enjoy this holiday card using the December 1972 cover of The United Farmer. You can see the original here: https://archives.ufa.com/permalink/unitedfarmer10_10-1 In this same issue is a thoughtful Christmas Message from then UFA President George Sayle and General Manager William (Bill) McCartney. We wish you the same, and … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

New Acquisition – Thomas A. Anderson Fonds

Earlier this year, the United Farmers Historical Society (UFHS) acquired a significant donation of materials that belonged to Thomas A. Anderson, a U.F.A. member who served as Secretary for the Cardston District local in the 1920s. The archives was contacted by the family of the record creator who had kept these materials in their family … Continue reading New Acquisition – Thomas A. Anderson Fonds

Women Are Persons!

October 18th is Persons Day in Canada, a significant day to commemorate. In 1927, Emily Murphy, Alberta’s first female judge, along with Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Muir Edwards challenged a part of the Canadian Constitution that had historically prevented women from being appointed to the Senate. These women became known as … Continue reading Women Are Persons!

United Farm Women in Politics

In 1914, a women's section of the United Farmers of Alberta was formed, (later named the United Farm Women of Alberta (U.F.W.A.) in 1916), and they quickly began pushing for improvements regarding public education, healthcare, community well-being and equal rights. The U.F.W.A. would typically bring their concerns to the U.F.A. Annual Conventions, who would then … Continue reading United Farm Women in Politics